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Mahabaratham- Part- 1 Introduction

The story of Mahabaratham has been written so many times by so many persons. I would like to join them. Hence the venture. One might wonder what is the need for this venture. My grandson ArvindRajaraman who shows interest in our epics is residing abroad. He is missing the  great opportunity  of learning our epics as part of school studies.

Hence ,I would like to write  this great story in a style which he would prefer to read.

I always feel that our epics have great messages hidden . They tell the morals of life with sugar coated words. Why should our kids miss that? Hence this  venture .

There might arise a question as if the epics did really happen?  All the more with Mahabaratha  as Lord Krishna comes as God here . In Ramayana Lord Vishnu took the avatar as any other human being and went through the hardships which we face. In Mahabaratha, Lord Krishna  an incarnation of Vishnu ,  performs Godly acts  which some people   find it hard to believe.

I would remind them that Krishna avatar was in Dwapara Yuga*. As we are in Kali Yuga*  we are not  aware of  how the universe was, technology prevailed etc………in Dwapara Yuga. So I would think it is improper to comment on something of which we have no knowledge.

Any way this book is not an effort to make people believe epics or Mahabaratha. Iam writing this story for persons who believe in our epics and ofcourse who believe in Hindu divinity.



*there are four yugas, Kirutha, Thretha, Dwapara,  and Kali. We are at present in Kali yuga.The period of the yugas are as under.

The Krita Yuga–1,728,000 years of mortals.

The Treta Yuga–1,296,000 years of mortals.

The Dvarapa Yuga–864,000 years of mortals.

The Kali Yuga —- 432,000 years of mortals



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