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Dhirithirashtran and Pandu

Both the princes, Chitrangadhan and Vichitraveeryan were growing up.
Some years later…….King Shantanu died. Chitrangadhan then ascended the throne. As a  king he had to fight in wars.
And in one such war Chitrangadhan  died. Now Vichitraveeryan ascended the throne. Time came to perform marriage for him.  Both Bhishma and Satyavathi  were looking for a right  princess to marry Vichitraveeryan. Bhishma  came to know of the svayamvara  of the kingdom of the three Kasi princess.
Bhishma went to Kasi. Even before the Svayamvara ritual started , he brought all the three princess( Amba, Ambika & Ambalika)n to Hastinapuram to get them married to Vichitraveeryan.
The eldest princess ,Amba  prayed to Bhishma to let her go away , as she was in love with the prince of Salva kingdom. She was allowed to go. But Salva prince refused to marry her now, as she was kidnapped for another man.
So, she rushed back to Hastinapuram and asked Bhishma to marry her. But Bhishma  , explained about his vow and refused to marry her. At this she was angry with him for disturbing her life.  She  took a pledge that Bhishma will die by her hand as she had to face so much grief becuase of his kidnapping . ( This princess Amba, in her rebirth was born as Sikandi to king Durupadha. She was responsible for the death of Bhishma in the great Kurukshetra war.)
 Ambika and Ambalika got married to Vichitraveeryan. ( In those days it is common for kings to marry more than one woman). Days went by. Due to ill health Vichitraveeryan died without leaving a heir behind.
Sathyavati  asked Bhishma to ascend the throne and get married. But Bhishma stood by his vow and turned down his stepmother’s wish.
Now , Sathyavati asked sage Vyasar  to bless Ambika and Ambalika with children. Ambika gave birth to a blind son ‘Dhrithiirashtran’   and Ambalika gave birth to son  ‘Pandu’. Their domestic help also gave birth to a son ‘Vidhuran’  by the sage’s blessings.(Vidhuran later on became the wise minister in Dhirithirastran’s  court.)
All the three sons  grew up to be a young lad. They were made to learn befitting their talents and capacities. Each one excelled  in one field.
When the ripe time came ,  Sathyavati and Bhishma discussed about  whom should ascend the throne of Hastinapuram. They then decided to take the help of Viduran who is a wise man. He said  as per the law( then) a blind man, though elder, cannot become the king. And, so Pandu  should be crowned  as the King. Then it was decided to make Pandu the king of Hastinapuram.  this decision made Dhrithirashtran  feel  very unhappy , though he did not let out his feelings. On an auspicious day, Pandu was made the king. Vidhuran became the prime minister in his court. Dhrithirastran was given a respectable place in the court.
Dhirithirashtran , though not happy with this arrangement , accepted what was given to him as there was no other option left  for him….
This  bad feeling of the elder brother ……what effect did it have?
Let us see in the next chapter……
—to be continued
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