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Mahabaratham part–6


Shakuni enters




Pandu became the king of Hastinapuram and was ruling the kingdom with his brother Dhirithirashtran  in the court.

Sathyavati and Bheeshma  decided to get both the princes married.

Bheeshma learnt about the princess of Kandahar (now in Afghanistan), Gandhari. He went and asked the Kandahar king’s approval for  Gandhari,  to marry Dhirithirashtran.

The king was aware of Dhirithirashtran’s  blindness . Though  the king was not ready to accept this offer from Bheeshmar, in the best interest of his kingdom, he agreed.

But the prince of Kandahar ,Shakuni , brother of Gandhari did not really like to get his  beautiful sister married to a blind man. He tried to convince the king to change his decision. But for the  fear of facing enmity with the mighty  Bheeshmar , the king agreed for the marriage of Gandhari with Dhirithirashtran.

At first Gandhari was not aware of Dhirithirashtran’s blindness. But when she came to know of his blindness , she was not sad about that. But  she decided to cover her eyes with a piece of cloth , as she decided not to see anything which her husband will miss.

And  Gandhari happily married Dhirithirashtran.

Shakuni felt bad that his beautiful sister had to marry a blind man. He thought that the might of Hastinapuram and the mighty Bheeshma , were the only  reason for   his sister’s  marriage . So,with vengance  he took a vow that he will bring down the mighty  Kuru dynasty. (King Chandanu and his descendents belongs to this Kuru dynasty/ Chandra vamsam.)

(This prince Shakuni  later on became the architect of the famous Kurukshetra war.)

King Pandu got married to Kunti and Madri .Madri was the princess of Madra Kingdom. Kunti was the adopted daughter of Kunti Bhojan. She was the  biological daughter of king Surasena.But became an adopted daughter of Kunti Bhojan. Kunti is also the sister of Vasudevar…..Yes  father of Lord Krishna.

To  Know more about Kunti ,her early life and about Krishna , we have to do a little back in time.We had to go Shurasena, then to Mathura, from Mathura to Gokulam and then we shall return back to Hastinapuram.


–to be continued


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