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Mahabaratham part-7

 Karna Born.



We are now, in Shursena . The king of Shursena is Sura. He had two children. A daughter by the name Pirudhai and  a son by name Vasudevar.

Pirudhai was given for adoption to the king Kunthi Bhojan, cousin to shura  of the neigbouring kingdom.  Pirudhai grew up in Kunthi Bhojan’s palace. as his daughter. She was there after called as Kunthi.

Sages used to come to kingdoms and will perform yagna in the palace . This was common in those days and the kings also used to give all their help for these sages. Sage Durvashar , who was known for his quick temper came to Kunthi Bhojan’s palace  to perform  one such  yagna. He asked the service of the princess Kunthi . Though Kunthi  was fearful  of this sage, to avoid his curse, she served the sage .

After the yagna was over the sage was very  happy with the services of Kunthi. As a reward, sage Durvashar  taught her a mantra . This mantra, when  uttered  as a prayer to a God  , will make the God to appear and bless with a child . Kunthi, in her teens , was curious enough to test the Mantra. She uttered the Mantra  praying  Sun God.  Promptly the Sun God came and blessed Kunthi with a son .He was born with a “kavacha kundalam “(divine earrings and a divine chest shield)

Kunthi got scared , as she did not expect this. She did not know  what to do  with the baby son. she was also worried  that  her name would be tarnished.  With all this in mind , she placed  her son on a saree of hers and kept it  in a bamboo box  and  set it to sail in the river. As fate would have it the box  travelled to the banks of  Hastinapuram .

There the box  caught the attention of Athirathan, the king’s chariot  driver. He was happy to see  a  baby boy in the bamboo box with a beaming smile. He took the boy to his wife Rathai .  They  decided to bring him up as their son. The little boy was called as  Ratheyan.  This Ratheyan  was later called as  Karnan,  who played an important part in the Mahabaratha war.

Kunthi, then married  Pandu and became his wife. Her blood brother Vasudevan married Devaki the princess of Ukrasena.  Devaki had a brother called Kamsan. He ovethrew his father  and became the king of Vrishni with its capital as Mathura.  He was a tyrant ruler .

Soon after the marriage of Devaki, Kamsan was told by a prophecy that the eighth child of Vasudevar and Devaki  will kill  him.(kamsan) . Kamsan, at first thought to,  kill Devaki, but as a loving brother did not kill her. Instead, he arrested Devaki and her husband Vasudevar  and kept them in a jail in Mathura. He also warned them that he would kill all the eight children that wll be born to them.

Did he do that?

Who is that eighth child?

We shall see that in the next  chapter………….to be continued.



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