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Mahabaratha part– 8

  Butter  krishna


Devaki and Vasudevar, blaming their fate ,  faced life in Mathura’s dark prison. Kamsan’s security guards  kept a constant vigil  over this  fate blown couple. When  the  first baby  was born to Devaki , immediately, the  guards informed the tyrant king, Kamsan.  Wtihout delay, Kamsan  came and snatched the baby from his sister  Devaki’s hand. Devaki and Vasudevar pleaded , not to kill the baby. But all their plea went into deaf ears.  Much to the anguish of the couple , Kamsan killed the baby in front of their eyes.  Devaki’s  sorrow knew no bounds.  Vasudevar  watched all this helpless .

Not only their first baby , all six children born to them met with  the same end. The couple was extremely  sad.  Vasudevar  and Devaki  helplessly blamed themselves for all the  sorrow happenings. When it was time for their seventh child , Lord Vishnu decided to intervene. He asked Yogamaya ,the Godess to transfer the embryo of ‘ SeshNag ‘ ( seventh child) from Devaki’s womb to Rohini’s womb.  Rohini is another wife of Vasudevar.  She was in Nandigram (Gokulam).  The child born to Rohini is Balaraman., brother of Lord Krishna.  When Balaraman was born in Gokulam , Devaki gave birth to a baby, which was again killed by the cruel king kamsan.

Time came for the birth of the eighth child of the ill fated couple,  Devaki and Vasudevar.  Lord Vishnu himself decided to descend on earth . Yogamaya  the  godess, controller of darkness and ignorance  made way   for the safe passage of baby Krishna , Lord Vishnu’s incarnation to Gokulam.  By Her powers, she made all the security guards in Mathura prison to  sleep.


Vasudevar,   safely carried his newly born son  Sri Krishna  to  Nandagopar , his friend in Nandigram/ Gokulam.  It was raining heavily , and Vasudevar had to cross the overflowing ,river Yamuna. As  a respect to Lord Vishnu, river Yamuna  parted way for Vasudevar to reach  Gokulam. The divine Snake AdiSeshan had the privilege of covering (with his hood), SriKrishna  from the heavy downpour of rains

When Vasudevar reached Gokulam  and gave his son Lord Krishna to  Nandagopar, Nandagopar’s wife Yasodha  had given birth to a girl. This baby girl is none other than  goddess Durga, an incarnation of Yogamaya. Nandagopar  gave his newly born daughter to  replace SriKrishna . Without wasting much time, Vasudevar carried back to the prison, this baby girl

When Kamsan’s guards were relieved from the spells of Yogamaya, they saw  the couple  holding the baby girl in their hands. The information of the baby girl reached the ears of Kamsan.  He knew  this was the eighth child and as by the prophecy this child would kill him.  He stormed into the prison angrily and smashed the baby from the arms of Devaki. When he was about to kill the baby, by thrashing against a rock, the baby sprang up in the sky and took the form of Yogamaya and warned Kamsan, ”  O! King Kamsa. You  are a fool .  Iam not the baby born to kill you. Your destiny are in the hands of a boy . He is safe  in Gokulam. ” Uttering these words , Yogamaya vanished.

Krishna  was growing up in the beautiful Gokulam as the son of Nandagopalan and Yasodha.  Unaware of the fact  that Krishna is Vishnu’s incarnation,  Nandgopalan and Yasodhha brought up  Krishna.  So is the case with Rohini. She was  not aware about the incarnation of Seshanag as Balaraman.

Krishan and Balaraman  grew up in Gokulam. Krishna was a lover of  milk, curd , and the pet boy of the whole village. He is affectionately called by the villagers as ” Butter Thief.”  Even, now his devotees call him , in the same name with all affection. His pranks knew no bounds. He also did not fail to show  glimpses of his divinity.  His  dance the Kaliya Nartana,  the way he killed the demon and demoness sent by Kamsan to kill him, lifting the Govardana hills , to save the villagers and the cows  are a testimony  to His divinity.  He  also enchantened  every one , even the cow herds   by his divinely Flute music.  There were instances when people had even  swooned by his music.


If we are to talk about Sri Krishna’s pranks , time and place will not suffice. I have written one or two of His Pranks in MY Story Court. You can read them here. I intend to write more there .

When Krishna grew up, he  went back to Mathura, killed his cruel uncle ,Kamsan and freed his parents. People of Mathura ,rejoiced at the death of Kamsan.  Ukkraseana was made king again.

It is more than two weeks since we left Hastinapuram.

Now shall we travel back to Hastinapuram and see what is  going on there…..


——to be continued

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  1. Thankyou Pandian and Maha ,for reading and appreciating my story telling. Both of you encourage me to continue with the story.
    Thankyou both.


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