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Mahabaratham –Part 10.

Karna made King of Anga.

After learning in the ashram of Guru Dronacharya ,time arrived for all the princes to return back to Hastinapuram and prove their talent.Everyone gathered in an arena. Dhirithirashtran, Gandhari,  Kunti. Bheeshmar, Vidhurar, Kulaguru kripachariar , Shakuni  and the citizens of the kingdom were waiting for the arrival of the princes. And the princes arrived at the stipulated time.


Dronacharya  called one by one all the princes . They all proved their talent. Dronacharya  conducted a competition to prove their talent.  Duriyodhana, Duchasan and all other kaurava princes and the Pandava princes put in their best to win . But undoubtedly , Arjuna emerged  victorious. This really worried Shakuni, as he wanted his  nephew Duriyodhana to be the  unbeatable.

When Dronacharya was about to announce that Arjuna is unbeatable, there emerged Karna from somewhere and shouted,” The competition is not over.  Here Iam Karna .Iam also good at archery.”

Saying this he exhibited some of his archery skills and challenged Arjuna.  ”  Let  Arjuna win me also  in archery before the announcement of his victory.”

Everyone’s eyes in the arena turned towards this young man. When Karna got himself ready for the fight, he was stopped by Bheeshma, Dronacharya and other respectable people of the kingdom.

Dronacharya asked Karna, ” Before competing with Arjuna, can you please tell us about your lineage.”

For this Karna replied, ”  Iam Karna , son of the charioteer Athirathan.” (Though Karna knew that he is the adopted son of Athirathan, he did not know who his parents are.)Though he said that his father’s name as Athirathan, by his looks Kunthi  realised that he must be her once abondened son . On realising it she fainted. She was taken care of the maids .

Dronacharya now stopped Karna from fighting and said,” This competition is only for the princes.Since you belong to a low caste  you cannot compete. ”

At this karna felt very sad .

Seeing all this, Shakuni realised that Arjuna is mighty and there should be someone equally mighty to support kauravas.  Realising the talent of Karna, he  had a secret consultation with Duriyodhana.

Then, Duriyodhana came out in the arena and  said to Guru Dronacharyar, “If only his caste does not allow him  to challenge Arjuna , I announce in this field that Karna  will be the king of Anga Desh.”

Not only the learned people of the kingdom, even Karna himself was  stunned to hear this.  He thanked Duriyodhana , from his heart ,” Prince!        By making me a king, you have given me a respectable position.. I shall be garateful for this , all my life. Now tell me prince, what should I do in return for this honour.”

Duriyodhana replied,” Karna, You need not do anything. Just  be my friend for ever. ”

Karna  promised then,” I shall be by your side and stay as your friend forever.”

Karna was crowned as the king of Anga Desha  immediately by Duriyodhana. img049

By the time all these incidents took place, it was time for sunset. And after sunset it was the rule then there should not be any  fight or competition. In accordance with that everyone left the place .

Both the Kaurava princes and the Pandava princes went to live in the palace of Hastinapuram.

Duriyodhana  breeded enmity towards the pandavas  and Shakuni  fuelled this by giving him cunning advises. Both of them understood it is not possible to overthrow Yudishtran from the crown prince throne.  They thought another way to overthrow him . Yes Shakuni decided to play some mischief and kill all the pandavas and Kunthi .

With an idea to kill them, Duriyodhana asked Drithirashtra to send the pandava princes and Kunthi to Varanavatham for sometime.Varnavatham is a dense forest .  Dirithirashtran was aware of the evil thoughts of his son and Shakuni. his love for his son is such that he too, wanted Only Duriyodhana  to be the crown prince. So, he agreed to send the Pandavas to Varanavatham.

He called the pandavas and asked them to go to Varanvatham for a brief period. Though Yudhishtran sensed some foul play in this, he could not disobey Dirithirashtran’s  order. and so he agreed.

Pandavas with their mother Kunthi set off to Varanavatham.Before starting to Varanavatham, Vidurar met Yudhishtran and gave him some advice.

Arfter that they left.

What happened in Varanvatham?.What was Vidurar’s advice?

———to be seen in the next part


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2 thoughts on “Mahabaratham –Part 10.

  1. துரோணரின் பிம்பம் உடையும் தருணம். துரியோதனனின் பிம்பம் உயரும் தருணம் இது. நன்றி.

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    1. thankyou Pandian for appreciating my story telling and commenting on it. Your comment for sure acts as a catalyst to continue with the story.Thankyou again.

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