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Mahabaratham -Part -11

The Wax Palace

In the previous  chapter the Pandava princes on the orders of Diruthirastran, were heading towards Varanavatham a dense forest. Before leaving, Vidurar advised them. What was that?Let us see now…….

Wise Vidurar, expecting foul play from the Kauravas, advised Yudhishtran by  telling, ” Yudhishtra, Keep in mind that if there is fire around, the rats  will dig a  burrow in  the ground and escape.”  Though Yudhishtra  did not understand the implied meaning of these words, he was sure that his advice is sure to help them during times of need.

23mahabharat-museum10Then they proceeded towards Varanavatham. There as per the plans of Shakuni , his servant  Purochana had built a beautiful palace made of wax.  The palace was a pretty one . Shakuni had also asked Purochana, to maintain secrecy about the palace being made of wax. Purochana had built this palace with the help of his wife and his five sons. And so the secrecy of wax palace did not leak out.

The Pandavas were welcomed by Purochana and his family. Pandavas were amazed at the beauty of the palace, unaware of the danger they are going  to face. But very soon they understood, that it was a wax palace and it  would  pose a threat to their life. They also understood , that sooner or later the wax palace would be set on fire to kill all of them.

The Pandavas with their mother queen Kunthi , planned to escape from this evil act. Now they remembered the advise of  Vithurar to dig an underground tunnel. They also decided to  go to exile for some time hiding from the eyes of Kauravas.

Accordingly,  Queen Kunthi invited Purochana and his family for a dinner to the wax palace, as a mark of honour, for building such a beautiful palace. Accordingly Purochana and his family came to attend the dinner. After dinner, they took rest in the palace and went to sleep.

As soon as they slept, the Pandavas dug an underground tunnel in the palace and then  set fire to the wax palace .  Purochana, his wife and their five sons caught in the fire and died. Pandavas escaped through the underground tummel , but the kauravas thought that their evil plan killed the Pandavas .  They tried to  put on a sad face and performed the last rites for Pandavas.

But, Vidurar with the help of his spies learnt that the Pandavas were safe and informed about this to Bheeshmar . Both of them maintained secrecy about the Pandava princes.

varanavatamIn the mean while Pandavas , after escaping from the wax palace travelled and reached HidimbaVana a forest for Rakshashas( demons) . Hidumba , the demon was the king of the forest. His sister , Hidumbi also lived there. These demons had magical powers and they can change their looks as they want. We should not forget that they are also cannibals( one who eats human beings). In this dangerous forest Pandavas were travelling.

On seeing the Pandavas , Hidumbi first decided to eat these human beings. But on seeing the hefty  Bheema, she changed her mind and fell in love with Bheema. First Bheema was reluctant to accept her love, but later on he married her . A son was also born to them . His name was Gadothgajan. In accordance with his lineage, he also possessed some magical powers. ( Later in Kurukshetra war, Gadothgajan had a chance to use his magical powers).

By then, it was almost an year . Then they decided to move from that forest and started their travel.  They reached a small town called Ekachakra.

what happened there……..                                                                            Let us see in the next chapter

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