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Draupadi Swayamvara

I left the Pandavas in Ekachakra.

Let me continue …..

Now we can see them in an arena in the kingdom of  Panchalam .After hearing the news of Draupadi’s  swayamvara , pandavas  also came to Panchala.


Princes from far and near have assembled in Panchala for the swayamvara. Durupadan had arranged for a contest wherein the princes should shoot the eye of a fish with one arrow. The fish is fixed to a wheel which keeps circling on the roof of the hall. The prince who wins the contest will marry Draupadi.

King Durupadan was so sure that Arjuna will come to the contest and win Darupadi’s hand. Only, with this wish in mind he had aranged for the archery contest.

If we look around , we can see so many familiar faces around the arena. King Durupada, his son Drishtathyumnan,  his  pretty daughter Draupadi , dressed beautifully, waiting to garland her bridegroom. Many kings and Princes were waiting, to win the archery contest and take Darupadi’s hand in marriage. Along with them, to witness the hapenings,  Lord Krishna is also there.  .

Among the contestants, were the kaurava prince Duryodhana and the king of Anga, Karna. But none in the hall, except Lord Krishna,  recognised the pandava princes who were in the guise of brahmins.

After all the guests had arrived , the contest started. all the kings and princes , tried to shoot the eye of the fish. But in vain. Some were not even able to tie the string of the bow. Duryodhana was no exception.  As we are all aware Duryodhana, was not good at archery and also Karna was not allowed to take part in the archery as Draupadi objected .

Now Arjuna in the guise of brahman, came forward and asked the king if he would be allowed to take part in the contest.King Durupadha  accepted this request as there was no kshatriya warrior who could win the contest.

Arjuna came to the arena , took the bow in his hand, tied its strings and focussed on his target.  And yes. He shot his arrow at the eye of the fish and brought it down. The whole crowd went into jubiliation praising the brahman.  King Durupadhan  was a little uncomfortable with the fact that a poor brahmin is taking the hands of his daughter  Draupadi.But he had no choice. He also had a doubt that this brahmin, could be Arjuna in disguise.

As soon as Draupadi garlanded Arjuna, he took her with him and walked towards their home. Then prince Drishtathyumna (brother of Draupadhi) silently followed Arjuna, Draupadi and other pandavas, without their knowledge.

There he saw, Kunthi and  now was happy that Draupadi had garlanded a kshatriya prince. But what happened next was something shocking to him.

Pandavas  with Draupadi, entered the home.Then the  youngest of all Sahadev shouted,” Mother . Look at what we have bought.” Kunthi  was in the midst of her prayer. Instead of looking at what they have bought, she said,” As always, share that among yourselves.” At this all the five brothers and Draupadi, were shocked. Then she turned  and found the beautiful Draupadi standing there.  Kunthi realised her mistake.But she cannot do anything about it.

It is said ,” We are slaves of the words, spoken.” Kunthi and pandavas were no exception to this. Finally it was agreed upon that the pandavas would marry Draupadi.

The shocked  Dristathyumana , returned to Panchala. He told about this marraiage, to King Drupadhan. At first the king was angry, but as advised by  learned men , he conducted the marriage.

The news of the Pandavas marriage with Draupadi reached Hastinapura. The royal family at Hastinapura  decided the next course of action.

How are they going to react to this?

See that in the next post.

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