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Duryodhanan insulted.



Vidhura who was there to witness Draupadi’s  swayamvara, undserstood that it was Arjuna who won Draupadi’s hands. Later he also came to know about the marriage of Pandavas  with Draupadi. He informed about this to Bheeshmar, who felt very happy about the survival news and marriage of Pandavas.

Both Bheeshmar and Vidurar went to meet Dirithirashtran and informed all the happenings , about the Pandavas. They also recommended that the Pandavas should be invited to Hastinapuram.

Dirithirashtra hiding his disappointment ,about the  Pandavas survival and their marriage,tried put on a happy face.  But he was reluctant to invite them. He feared, that the kingdom  will then slip from the hands of Duryodhana, his son.

But on repeated advices of Bheeshmar, Vidura, Kripachariar  and Dronachariar , he agreed to invite them. Accordingly, word was sent to them to return to Hastinapuram.

The Pandavas, with their wife Draupadi and mother Kunthi reached Hastinapuram. They were given  a very warm welcome . Kunthi with her sons and daughter-in-law Draupadi was staying there.  But there seemed to be a strained  relationship between the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

Dirithirashtra gave a suggestion that a small part of their kingdom be given to Pandavas.They can set up their kingdom and rule from there with Yudhishtran as the king. Yudhishtran, who always  respected Dirithirashtran words, agreed to this plan.

With Sakuni and Duryodhanan’s  approval Dirithirashtran gave a land called Kandavaprastha  to Yudhishtran and asked him to rule that.Kandavaprastha  is a barren land and that was fully occupied by snakes.Nagushan, the snake is the king there.

Pandavas  were aware of the nature of that place. But without uttering a word in protest, readily agreed to move there. Pandavas with their mother Kunthi, and wife Draupadi left for Kandavaprastha.  Many inhabitants of Hastinapuram follwed them to Knadavaprastha.

The snakes showed their protest by spitting venom and killing ,many people. But Arjuna with his archery skills was able to fight back and win over them. Though he won over them , Nagushan, the snake king went into hiding.

Then they started to build the kingdom. Slowly but steadily the work went on. Lord Krishna also rendered a helping hand. Lord Krishna ordered the divine architect ” Mayan”, to help the Pandavas in building the kingdom. Mayan with his divine powers built a beautiful kingdom for the Pandavas. The Pandavas palace  was built with so many tricky ideas , with many deceptive illusions ,that some deceived   the eyes of the observer.  Yet, it was such a  beauty! The kingdom was  so beautiful that it resembled the abode of Lord Indra.  There is no wonder that  it came to be called as Indraprastham.

The Pandavas were ruling the place for sometime  without any trouble. But then everyone in the kingdom asked Yudhishtran to perform the Rajasuya  Yaga. In those days performing  Rajasuya Yaga, is a symbolism of a succesful ruler. Yudhishtran agreed and invited kings from far and near  for the yagna . That included Duryodhanan  and Karnan too.

All the kings with their convoy , promptly attended the Rajasuya Yaga. The palace, caught everyone’s attention especially that of Duryodhanan’s eyes. Duryodhanan stuck with wonder, looked around.He could not believe that a barren land could turn into a dream world like this. He saw many things around him which deceived his eyes.

When he was walking around with jealousy, he was about to be  fooled by the appearance of a still floor , which turned out to be a  pool of water. Not aware of that he tried to step on it .

Alas! he fell into the pool and water splashed all over.


Draupadi who was looking at this from the first floor gave a loud hearty laugh. Duriyodhanan fully wet was greatly upset over this. He felt insulted by Draupadi.  He inturn  wanted to insult  Draupadi and  left for Hastinapuram. For long a time to come Draupadi’s loud laughter kept lingering in his mind. That constantly reminded of his insult. He was waiting for an opportunity to give  back  her insult.

Let us see what he does……

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