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The Dice Rolls.

Duryodhanan,  felt insulted by Draupadi, in Indraprastha .  The flame of vengance was burning in his heart. Not only he wanted to insult Draupadi back, he was also jealous of the wealth and the beauty of Indraprastham. To fulfil his vengance , he sought the help of  his maternal uncle, Shakuni.

Shakuni was always ready with his cunning ideas to defame the pandavas. He came out with a master paln.. Duroyadhana was more than satisfied at what Shakuni told.


Durodhanan accompanied by Shakuni went to meet the king Dirithirashtran. Durodhana told his father,” Father , Why not we call Yudhishtran for a game of Dice? ” ( It was the practice of kings to play this gambling game occasionally.)  Dirithirashtran was not happy with this . He tried to convince Duryodhanan, to stay away from this act, by telling all the evils of the game of Dice.  But Duryodhanan who had a vengence, never lent his ears to all this advice. After much arguements, finally Dirithirashtran’s love for his son won over.

Yes. He asked Viduran, minister/younger brother,  to carry the Dice invitation to Yudhishtran. And Viduran with great reluctance took the invitation to Indraprastha.

There goes a saying, ” When evil is around the corner , we are bound to make grave mistakes .” So is the case with Yudhishtran. He accepted the Dice invite. (Also it was the practice then, that a king  should not reject the invite for a game of dice..)

The Pandavas, with Kunthi and Draupadi went to Hastinapuram. A  hall was decorated to play the game of Dice.  A beautiful play chart was placed In the centre of the hall and on both sides Pandavas and Kauravas were seated. Then the rules of the game were formulated.The elders , Bhishmar, Dronachariar, Kripachariar, Dirthirashtran, Vidhurar  were left with no option but to witness the evil game.Karnan, Asvathaman  also were present there.

To add more ,to this evil act, Duryodhanan declared that his maternal uncle Shakuni would roll the dice on his behalf.

It has to be mentioned here about  Shakuni’s special power. He had the power to roll the dice in his favour.

It must have been fate which was clouding Yudhishtran’s mind . And so he agreed for all that Duryodhanan and Shakuni said.

Yudhishtran first wagered his cows.  The dice rolled to drive the cows  to  Kauvaravas side. Then Yudhishtran  wagered his land. Again, Shakuni rolled the dice to take away his lands. And one by one Yudhishtran kept on losing his belongings.  Yudhishtran’s jewels, wealth, and even his kingdom was won over, by Duryodhanan  just by  a roll of the dice.

At one point ,Yudhishtran accepted his defeat and said that he had nothing to wager, further for the game. Shakuni convinced  Yudhishtran to wager his brothers.

Now , Yudhishtran lost Sahadevan to the game. Then one by one all his brothers were lost. And finally , he lost himself. And all of them became slaves to Duryodhanan . When Yudhishtran stood helpless , cunning Shakuni said , ” Still you have one valuable possession now. Your wife, the beautiful Draupadi  could be wagered now.”

Elders were shocked, but the game could not be stopped. So Yudhishtran agreed upon and I need not say that he lost Draupadi also.

Immediately , not minding the elders dismay, Duryodhanan summoned Draupadi to the Dice hall. On learning about  the happenings , she resorted to law.

She  asked the messenger, ” Did the king lose himself and then me or it is vice versa? ” And when she came to know that first Yudhishtran lost himself, she immediately said that the king had no right to wager her. “And so the wager is not a valid one. And I need not come there.” The messenger  returned to Duryodhana and told what Draupadi said.

Duryodhana became furious on hearing this. Instead of sending a messenger , he asked his beloved brother Duchasana to bring Draupadi to the Dice Hall.


What happened next? ………………………..let us see in the next post

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