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Krishna rolls out the sari bale………

When Draupadi was summoned to the dice hall, she refused to go there . This enraged Duryodhanan .So he sent his beloved brother Duchasanan to fetch Draupdi to the dice hall.

Duchasana entered the royal women chamber where Drauapadi was seated. As soon as he entered , he called Draupadi with great disrespect, to accompany him to the Dice Hall . Draupadi again refused to go with him. After a few minutes of argument between the two, Duchasanan tried to drag her forcibly.

When she still resisted, he dragged Draupadi by her long hair.As she was dragged  forcibly, she lost her balance and fell down . Her long hair went loose and she was dragged all the way to the Dice hall. The whole palace was dumbfounded to see a queen being dragged along the floor.She even suffered bruises on her body.

She was dragged to the centre of the hall where her husbands were standing with heads bowed down. Not one of her husband came to her rescue. Angered and dejected by their behaviour, she sought the help of the elders seated there. Even the elders, for fear of earning enmity of Duryodhanan, were silent. But they knew that injustice was being done to Draupadi..

Now, Duchasana said,” Brother!  I have brought Draupadi here. She is our slave now.”

Karna gave a hearty laugh.

And Duryodhana said,” A  slave does not need so many clothes. Disrobe her Duchasana. ”

Karna acknowledged the same.

The court  had learned people like Bheeshmar, Dronachariar, Kripachariar. They were all dumbfounded by this order. Though they felt very sad about the happenings, they remained silent.

One person who protested against the injustice to Draupadi was the one and only Vidhurar, Mahamanthri. But his protest fell into deaf ears and just vanished into a black hole . He was even insulted by Duryodhanan.

Duryodhanan shouted at Vidhurar, with great disrespect,” Please shut up. You son of a servant maid.”

And continued,” Duchasana . You carry on the work I entrusted to you. Now disrobe this slave Draupadi.”

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As though waiting for this order, Duchasana took hold of Draupadi’s sari and started disrobing her. At first Draupadi pulled her sari tight to her chest, But  very soon  Draupadi lost control..

Her husbands pulled down their heads in shame .But did nothing to save her from molesty. With no one to save her , she cried raising her both hands,” Govinda ! Govinda! Save me from dishonour. ”

Lord Krishna on hearing His devotees prayer, rushed to rescue Draupadi. He did not come in person. But he saw to it that the length of the sari becme endless. He saved Draupadi from further dishonour.

Duchasana was pulling the sari from Draupadi. And Draupadi with closed eyes and hands raised kept on saying,” Govinda save me.” Minutes rolled by. But the other end of Draupadi’s sari was not to be seen.

Duchasana kept on pulling the sari. But to Duryodhana’s dismay and surprise , Draupadi was saved from further dishonour.

Her husbands,  and elders  heaved a sigh of relief.

Very soon Duchasana got tired. He saw that he had pulled down bales and bales of the sari . Only his hands got tired. But Draupadi was standing there in full dress.

At one point the tired  Duchasana ,  fainted  by the side of the sari pile.

Now, Draupadi stood up like a roaring tigress  and looked at king Dirithirashtran and shouted ,” O King! You have been a silent witness to all the misdeeds that is hapenning here. Now  hear this.”

And shouted on top of her throat,” From now on I shall not tie up my hair. I shall tie my hair only after applying Duchasana’s blood to it. It was he who dragged me by my hair.”

On hearing this, Dirithirashtran was shocked. He understood what Draupadi meant.That worried him as he was very much aware of the strength and valour of Pandavas.

Gandhari rushed into the Hall. She tried to calm down Draupadi,” Draupadi! Please forgive my sons. I know that they had done  great injustice to you.”

And as a damage control measure, she begged to Draupadi,” But   can you please pardon them? I shall ask the king to grant you two boons. ”

Now Draupadi made use of the situation and saved her husbands.

As a first boon, Draupadi  asked the king to relieve her husbands from slavery and by the other she asked for their kingdom and wealth  back which was lost in the Game of Dice.

Dirithirashtran without any hesitation granted them.

Shakuni and Duryodhanan, were angry at the happenings now going on. They clutched their teeth in anger. Till then,all there cunning  plans were taking perfect shape.

But Gandhari entered the hall and foiled all that.

The ashamed Pandavas relieved of their slavery also vowed to take revenge for Draupadi’s insult.

Especially Bheema’s thundering vow to kill Duryodhanan with his maze and Arjunan’s vow to kill Karna in the battle field sent shock waves amongst the Kauravas.

The ashamed and angry Pandavas, with Draupadi and Mother Kunti , returned back to Indraprastham.

But will Shakuni and Duryodhanan allow the Pandavas to rule in peace?

Absolutely not.

They planned for another Game of Dice.

But will the Pandavas accept to play the game?

Let us wait and watch…….