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Who Killed the Boar? ( Mahabaratham-17)

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In the last post we saw Lord Krishna rolling out the sari bale and saving Draupadi from malignment.  After getting back the lost kingdom, Pandavas  were ruling Indraprstha for sometime.

But, will Shakuni and Duryodhana  allow them to rule in peace?  With Dirithiriashtran’s connivance, they sent again an invite for  a game of Dice.

As per the custom that prevailed then, a king should not reject an invite for a Dice game.So, Yudhishtran accepted the invite. And the Pandavas went to Hastinapuram to play this evil game. It is needless to mention here that again  the  Pandavas lost the game to the wicked Duryodhana.

Now the rules of the game were different.

As per the rules of the game , Pandavas (losers) should spend 12 years in exile and one year incognito. And if incognito ,  their idenntity was disclosed, they have to start all over again…that is another 12 years in exile and one year incognito.

With this deal, Shakuni and Duryodhana, were very happy. Both of them thought that they could easily recognise the Pandavas  incognito. So they can be made to go to forest for another 12 years and another year incognito.. They thought by this way, they can always keep the Pandavas away from the throne and make them devoid of their kingdom.

After losing the game of Dice, Pandavas with Draupadi started their  their forest life (vanavas).

Time and again Draupadi and Bheema  were trying to convince Yudhishtran to avenge Kauravas for their evil deeds.Yudhishtran always kept his cool and tried to pacify them. But Bheema , in full anger , pulled up his arms and showed his strength  and readiness for a war with kauravas. These conversations now and then arose among them.

In the meanwhile, they met the great sage Veda Vyasa. He advised them to get divine weapons from the Gods . And he also pointed out, that Arjuna was the right person to get that. Accordingly Arjuna, moved to a thick forest and started his penance for the divine weapons.

As he was meditating, he was disturbed by the grunt of a wild boar. When he opened his eyes, he saw a wild boar running in front of him. He ran behind the boar. With his bow and arrow, he shot the animal. At the same time another arrow from some where came and shot the boar. Arjuna  looked  at the direction of the arrow, with  anger well written on his face.

Very soon, a tribal couple came there.The tribal calimed to have killed the  boar with his arrow. His wife acknowledged it. But Arjuna claimed to have shot the boar to death.   There started a verbal duel between both. Soon it turned into a combat.

Both Arjuna and the tribal man had a fierce fight. Arjuna had not expected such a fierce attack from an ordinary tribal man. He realised that this tribal has an equal or even more strength than himself. At one point the tribal pushed Arjuna down and gave a hearty laugh.

wikimedia commons
wikimedia commons

Arjuna,now realising the tribal man is not an ordinary person, begged the man to reveal his identity.
There emerged Lord Shiva with His Consort and blessed Arjuna with Pasupathasthra, a divine weapon. Later we shall see that this Pasupathasthram will help Arjuna  in the Kurukshetra war.

A lot of incidents happened in the forset life of Pandavas. Though Iam not going to tell you each and everyone.,I shall try to highlight a few which are noteworthy.

In the next post I shall come with another interesting one….